Sample Home Watch Checklist

We COVER YOUR BASES with our home watch checklist that we bring every time we visit your home.

✓ Upon Arrival
o Exterior check of grounds, landscape, pests, lawn and sprinklers
o Remove newspapers, flyers, check mailbox
o Visual check of outdoor light fixtures
o Visual exterior check including roof (from ground), screens, windows, AC units, fence
o Turn water ON – “gingerly”
o Enter home, disarm security system, if appropriate


✓ Interior Check
o Check all windows and doors for damage and ensure they are locked
o Visual check for signs of water damage, mold and mildew
o Cycle the water: brush and flush toilets, run water in sinks (including garbage disposal), tubs and showers
o Short cycle dishwasher and washer
o Check the water heater – it should be turned OFF at circuit breaker, or on Vacation Mode, when water main is OFF. If there is a Circulator Pump, that should be OFF. Procedure varies by type of equipment
o Check for signs of insects, pests and rodents
o Check closets, pantry and storage cabinets
o Verify AC and humidistat settings; adjust as necessary
o Check refrigerator, freezers and wine coolers for proper temp and operation
o Reset clocks after power outage
o Check circuit breaker panels
o Check garage (including trash) and make sure door to garage is locked


✓ Lanai and Pool Area
o Check water level and condition of water
o Check equipment and pool control panel
o Check screen door, screening and cage structure


✓ Departure
o Final departure: “Look. Listen. Lock.”
o Enable security system, lock doors
o Turn OFF water supply